Hallig cruises

Hallig cruises through the World Heritage Site.

A National Park boat trip to the Halligen.

Go with a National Park ranger, a National Park mudflat guide or a national park tour guide and explore a very special mini-island in the North Sea; learn all about nature and the people who live there. We travel with one of our National Park Partners – the shipping companies Adler-Schiffe GmbH & Co. KG and Heinrich von Holdt. There is time for a scientific look at the sea creature catch.

• Boat trips according to the timetable, from April till the end of October!

• Maximum group 140 people.

• Tour operators are the shipping companies

Sailing on the MS Adler V or MS Seeadler: From North Beach, Strucklahnungshörn Harbour on the MS Adler V to Hallig Gröde or Nordstrandischmoor (shipping company Adler-Schiffe GmbH & Co. KG).