Nationalpark-Zentrum Multimar Wattforum

Das Seepferdchen. Die Männchen tragen den Nachwuchs aus.

Der Einsiedlerkrebs. Wohnt in fremden Gehäusen.

Der Seewolf. Zertrümmert selbst die härtesten Schneckenhäuser.

Whales, Wadden Sea and World Heritage

Welcome to Multimar Wattforum, the main visitor centre of the Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea National Park!

Marvel at this captivating ecosystem where salt marshes alternate with tidal flats and the North Sea. Learn more about the fascination of the tides. Discover the National Park ́s wildlife and get to know the Big Five, Small Five and Flying Five.

Come and see for yourself the wonder of the World Heritage Site in our interactive and fascinating exhibiton in Tönning.

Opening hours

Multimar Wattforum is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn more >>>

Dithmarscher Straße 6, 25832 Tönning, Germany
Infophone: +49 48 61 96 200


Exhibiton & Aquaria

Environmental Education

Restaurant and Shop

Have a break in the Multimar-Restaurant

You can not only satisfy your thirst for knowledge in the Multimar Wattforum but also indulge yourself. Do you prefer coffee and cake or some of our regional culinary delights? Visit our restaurant!

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Visit the Multimar-Shop

At the end of your visit, we recommend our shop. Here you can find interesting books and nice souvenirs from the Wadden Sea.

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Global Wadden Seas

info phone +49 48 61 96 200
Nationalpark-Zentrum Multimar Wattforum
Dithmarscher Str. 6a
25832 Tönning